Ikenobo Tanaka Ikebana School

About This School

Ikenobo Tanaka Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) School,

located between JR Nara station and Kintetsu Nara station,

in Sanjo-street mall.


There are teaching programs from beginner to teacher level.


You can experience Ikebana, which is one of the most famous traditional Japanese culture, established 553 years ago at Rokkakudo Ikenobo in Kyoto.


Owner and teacher, Toshiyuki Tanaka, is only 34 years old, but he lectures in Nara, Kyoto and Gifu by using his ex-job experience as a private banker.


He also has received many titles in Ikebana.


Toshiyuki was an exchange student to Canada for 1 year, so he speaks English fluently.

He is waiting for you with the program of real Ikebana experience touching tradition for 553 years.


Teacher's Message

I would like to spread Ikebana from Nara to all over the world.


Ikebana was established 553 years ago in Kyoto.


But the origin of Ikebana was in Nara, because the history of Japan as a nation started from Nara.


Long time ago there was no science and people in Japan believed that disasters were caused by gods and spirits.


The Japanese believed that especially mountains and big trees have spirits. This faith combined with Buddhism evolved in the custom of offering flowers in front of Buddhist statues in Nara's temples.

Later it became Ikebana art in Kyoto, 553 years ago.


Through experiencing this program, you can learn how to calm your spirit, how to show your respect for plants and flowers and how to arrange them. You learn how to arrange flowers in an even more beautiful way than in the original natural surroundings, which we call“Ikeru”.


I hope that you will continue arranging flowers decorating your home or office desk, after going back to your country.


I can also offer you how to arrange your work through periodic follow-up movie, or my blog, so you can continue Ikebana.